Mystik Premium Coconut Filled Dark Chocolate Pack

Rs. 338
If you are really looking for health and taste in one bite than this is the pack you are waiting for. This is Premiium chocolate pack where you\'ll get richness of coconut inside the dark chocolate. A Fantastic combo to have both in one bite. The pack contains 12 pc of fres

Mystik Premium Gulkand Filled White chocolate

Rs. 366
This is a Premium hand-crafted white chocolate combo with Gulkand filling inside the chocolate making it tastier and healthier version of chocolate. This 12 Pc Chocolate pack is worth buying for.

Mystik Premium Almond filled Chocolate coated dates

Rs. 338
This beautiful pack is filled with 12 piece of healthy dates which are filled with roasted almond from inside and coated with dark, white and milk chocolate to give you a taste burst in your mouth. A very healthy nutritious and tasty way to enjoy chocolates.

Mystik Paan Flavoured Dark Chocolate Pack

Rs. 220
Want to get yourself refresh with some new aromatic flavours. Try our very new flavour of Paan infuse with dark chocolate to give you joy of taste. Packed in a small transparent box contain 8 Pc of chocolate per pack.

Mystik Coffee Flavoured Dark Chocolate Pack

Rs. 220
If you are a real coffe lover than you must try our Dark Chocolate Coffee flavoured pack, where a very intense flavour of Coffee infuse with dark chocolate to give you joy of taste. These are hand-crafted chocolates packed in a small transparent box with 8 Pc of chocolate p

Mystik Mint Flavoured White Chocolate Pack

Rs. 225
A very fresh flavour of Mint infuse with White chocolate to give you the joy of taste. Packed in a small transparent box contain 8 Pc of chocolate per pack.

Mystik 9 pc Valentine Heart shape Gift Box

Rs. 310
A very beautiful heart shape 9 pc exotic assorted chocolate box well packed to impress your partner with a very beautiful flower on top from your side to your loving one.

Mystik 12 pc Valentine Heart shape Gift Box with 1 Chocolate Bar

Rs. 366
A heart shape box filled with exotic assorted chocolates which are hand crafted for you. With 12 pc of chocolates there is a personalised chocolate bar which can express your feelings perfectly.

Mystik Valentine Cute Heart shape Chocolate Gift 3 Pc

Rs. 141
A very cute small heart shape box contain 3 pc of chocolates , well packed and a cute gift to your loved ones.

Mystik Valentine 4 Pc Chocolate Bar Gift Pack

Rs. 452
4 Pc Chocolate Bar gift pack for your loving partner on this valentine. Contains 50 gm each chocolate with 4 different flavours. Well Packed gift to express your emotions.

Mystik 12 Pc Valentine Square Chocolate Gift Hamper

Rs. 209
A very cute and worthy gift filled up with exotic hand crafted assorted chocolates. Well Packed to gift someone.

Mystik Valentine 19 Pc Chocolate with 2 Personalised Bar and Cute Teddy Gift Hamper

Rs. 677
This Valentine gift your loved ones this beautiful chocolate gift hamper which is full of exotic assorted flavoured chocolates and personalised chocolate bars and a cute little teddy. Beautifully packed and a perfect way to express your emotions.

Mystik Valentine 15 Pc Chocolate Heart Shape gift pack

Rs. 282
A very beautiful Chocolate Gift pack contains 15 No. of chocolates which are hand crafted in most utmost hygienic conditions. With these assorted bunch of chocolates you can bring a huge smile on your loved ones faces.

Mystik Red Chocolate Box Butterscotch Flavoured

Rs. 225
If you really fond of with the taste of Dark Chocolate, you must try our Butterscotch flavoured Dark Chocolate 08 Pcs. These are hand-crafted chocolates prepared in utmost hygenic conditions. Also Packed in a beautiful transparent small box.

Mystik Chocolate Box with Flower

Rs. 253
This is a chocolate box with 08 Pc of chocolate inside it. These are dark and milk chocolates well decorated with ribbon and flower. These are the hand-crafted chocolates tastes yummy and drive you mad.

Mystik Ice Cream Choco Fudge

Rs. 282
This is a white chocolate fudege named as ice-cream fudge as it is flavoured in ice creams flavours Like Strawberry, Kiwi, Mango, Oreo. These are individually delicious flavours. Keep it in cool place.

Mystik White & Black Rum Chocolate Pack

Rs. 282
A very tasty and delicious white and dark chocolate having flavour of rum in it. 08 pcs pack of these chocolate make you crazy for it.

Mystik Marble Chocolate Pack

Rs. 282
Marble chocolates are the dark white and milk chocolate combo pack having beautiful texture on the top. 1 pack contains 08 pc of it. Packed in a transparent acrlic small box.

Mystik Fruit Chocolate Pack

Rs. 282
Fruit chocolate is a concept of merging chocolate with flavours of dehydrated fruits. One can have lots of variations of it. There is dehydrated fruits diced and filled in a white chocolate base. Here in this box you are getting three flavours of fruits : Mango, Kiwi, Cherr

Mystik Chocolate Marshmallows Jar

Rs. 338
Chocolate coated marshmallows sprinkled with colourfull candy marbles. Just taste awesome with sweetness of chocolate. Kids really like these stuffs to enjoy with. 1 Jar contains 08 pc.