A Sailor Remembers

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Author:R.D. Katari ISBN: 9789350480939Language: English Publisher: Prabhat Prakashan Edition: 1st Pages: 226 Bind

Author:R.D. Katari 

ISBN: 9789350480939

Language: English

Publisher: Prabhat Prakashan

Edition: 1st

Pages: 226

Binding Style: Hard Cover

These memoirs, originally published shortly before Ram Dass Katari, the first Indian to head the Indian Navy, died in 1983, are being re-published to mark  his birth centenary year.

The book tells the powerful story of the struggle to build independent capability amongst Indians as the country experiences the historic transition from colonization to freedom. Set against this vast canvas is the appealing personal narrative of the rise of a small town lad, Ram Dass Katari, who overcomes several odds, to  find himself  at the helm of the fledgling Indian Navy in 1958,  at the age of 47. He was witness to the unfolding of major national level events while developing a vision for a three dimensional Navy, anchored in the principles of self sufficiency, integrity, discipline and first rate leadership.

He combines a razor sharp intellect and sense of humour, to walk the reader through his diverse and multifaceted career profile which covered key administrative and  management challenges at home and abroad – with the highlight clearly being his achievements as Indian Ambassador to Burma at a particularly trying period in Indo Burmese relations. 

Whether in service or in retirement, Katari retained the quality of being a perceptive observer and commentator on the growing contradictions and erosion of values in public life – the strengths and weaknesses of our civil service and political leadership. Above all he tells his story like it is – simply, with humour and humility, and with an uncompromising integrity.

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