Return & Refund Policy

Request for return / replacement.

Replacements, in most of the locations will be done alongside, at the time of pick up. In some locations, the item will be picked up first and replacement will be done at a later date.

Are all products which are ordered, returnable?

No, some products are not eligible for returning. Please refer to seller policies.

Can items be returned after the time period mentioned in the seller's Returns Policy?

No. Cannot be returned / not eligible for return after the time limit set, as per seller’s policy.

Do the ‘ free’ items with products as per an offer also be returnable?

Yes, all freebies have also to be returned along with the product.

How to request for ordered item/s return or replacement :

Follow the simple steps :

1) Login to your ZB account.
2) Go to ‘My Orders’.
3) Click on ; return’ and the product you wish to return.
4) Fill in all required details, and request for return.

After completing he above, you will receive confirmation mail / SMS. And depending on the item, it may automatically be approved, and in some cases, you may be contacted for further details.

In case of approval, it will be picked up and either be replaced or the amount refunded, as per seller policy. You can also track status on ‘ My order’ from your ZB account.

'Cancel' button does not accept the command. Why?

There can be two reasons.

1) The product may be non – refundable / Not eligible for return.
2) 2) It has already been delivered.

Time duration of ‘cancel’ process :

It usually happens immediately, if the order has not been shipped before you cancel. In case it has already been shipped, our courier service provider will confirm that the shipment has been cancelled by the customer.

Buyer Protection policy :

In cases where sellers decline to oblige, and the buyer not convinced with the reason of declining, the buyer may contact us for mediation – care within 15 days from the date of delivery, and briefly explain the reasons. Your concern will be addressed on case to case basis.

What happens in case of concern with product after return period expires?

You may always claim warranty / Guarantee as per the manufacturers policy from the brand’s authorised service centre.

Product checks before return :

There will be a complete check of the product in the buyers presence, and ensured that it is exactly in the same condition as it was at the time of delivery.

Any damage noticed, or in case it is has been used, box in which the product is found damaged or accessories etc are found to be missing, the courier service representative will decline to pick it for replacement / return.


Refund procedure and time :

In case of return and refund requested, mention account details. Refunds will be through NEFT or IMPS, for purchases made through any payment options, and are usually done within seven working days.

Track refund status :

Refunds status can be tracked from ‘My order’.

If the refund is requested before it has been shipped, then the process is immediately started. In case refund is requested after being shipped, it will be processed after the courier service providers confirmation that it has been returned by the customer.
t are the modes of refund available after cancellation?

Return against wrongly ordered items :

Cannot be returned in such cases. Refer to sellers return policy on the product page.

If the order package is found damaged or tampered with on delivery :

Go to ‘My order’.

Click on the icon and write your concern. We shall help you out. You may also decline to accept it, and point it out to the delivery person.

Is change of address allowed for product pick up?

Only in the case of location pin code is serviceable, will it be allowed.

Why have I been asked to ship the item?

If the pickup location is unavailable in the courier service providers list, you may be requested to ship the item to the seller for refund / replacement. After receiving the product, the seller will initiate the process of refund / replacement.

On receiving the item, the seller will initiate the process. Ensure to ship it to the address mentioned in the mail you will receive within 15 days.

Time duration for return request pickup :

Click on ‘My Orders’ to see the status of your request. You will also be intimated via SMS / email of the pickup date.

Refund not received:

The time you receive a confirmation mail on refund, it means that the refund process has already been initiated by Zabrabox.

In the highly unlikely chance of refund not received as per the stipulated time, you may always contact us, and we will speed up the process through personal intervention.